Vendor 1031

Dennis (also known as Trainman)

As my 'Trainman' nickname indicates, my booth has a significant focus on model trains, but that's not all you'll find when you visit. I offer many first edition comic books, 45 record albums, art, old toys, tools, vintage and antique quilts, old dishes, and glassware with a focus on turn of the century to mid century items. I like old stuff! I am able to offer many unique and highly collectible train and other items for great prices at, or usually below, what you'll find online. Plus no shipping costs!

Meet the Vendor

I've been collecting and researching trains for decades and like to share my finds and information. Passenger trains are my personal area of collecting so much of what I sell relates to other types of trains. I know you will find something of interest at Booth #1031 so be sure to visit!